In Ontario, the probability of strong summer storms increases as summertime becomes warmer. The plumbing system in your house may be put to the test by these storms, which may bring with them high winds, hail, and rain. Here are some crucial pointers for getting your summer plumbing ready for Ontario’s summer storms, specifically for Durham County, to help you keep ahead of the weather.

1. Examine and Clean Your Downspouts and Eaves

Tip: Regularly inspect and clean your downspouts and eavestroughs to ensure they are clear of debris.

Why: Rainwater is kept away from your house by the use of eavestroughs and downspouts. Water overflow from clogged eavestroughs can harm your foundation and cause basement flooding.

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2. Inspect the Sump Pump

Tip: Before the heavy rains arrive, make sure your sump pump is operating properly by testing it.

Why: A sump pump removes extra water that builds up in a sump basin, helping to avoid basement flooding. During a storm, a broken sump pump might leave your basement exposed.

Extra Tip: Ensure your sump pump has a battery backup so it will continue to function even when the power goes out.

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3. Examine the Outdoor Drains

Tip: Check that all outside drains, such as those in patios and driveways, are free of obstructions and operating correctly.

Why: Outdoor drains keep water from collecting around your house. Blockages may cause water to build up and could cause harm to your property.

Extra Tip: To maintain clear outside drains, routinely clear leaves, dirt, and debris from them.

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4. Plug Any Gaps and Cracks

Tip: Check your home’s exterior for gaps and cracks, especially around the foundation, doors, and windows.

Why: During a strong storm, water can leak through even the smallest crevices, causing interior water damage and possibly even the growth of mold.

Extra Tip: Seal any gaps and cracks you detect with caulking or waterproof sealant.

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5. Examine and Maintain Sewer Pipes

Tip: Have a licensed plumber inspect your sewer pipes to check for damage or clogs.

Why: Heavy rains can cause backups and overflows due to damaged or blocked sewer pipes. Water damage and expensive repairs can be avoided with routine maintenance.

Extra Tip: Consider having your sewer pipes inspected with a camera to find any problems that might not be apparent from the surface.

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6. Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Graded

Tip: Verify that the grading surrounding your house slopes away from the foundation.

Why: Proper grading keeps rainwater away from your house, lowering the possibility of foundation damage and basement flooding.

Extra Tip: If you see spots where water tends to collect, think about regrading the area by hiring a professional or adding dirt to create a slope.

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By implementing these preventative measures, you can better prepare your home’s plumbing system for the challenges presented by Ontario’s summer storms. Routine maintenance and timely inspections can help you avoid expensive repairs and ensure your home stays dry and safe throughout the season. Maintaining the best possible state of your summer plumbing will help you stay ahead of the weather and safeguard your investment.

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