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PR Plumbing is licensed to install, test and repair all potable water backflow preventer makes and models.

These devices protect the potable water system by preventing back pressure and siphonage which could allow pollution or contaminates into the system. These devices need to be tested annually to ensure they are in proper working order. Backflow preventers are mandatory where cross connections are made.

Back Siphonage

There are several different ways back siphonage can occur. This will typically take place when there’s a sudden break in a water main causing water from a building to flow in the reverse direction from your home or office. This creates a negative pressure at your fixtures. 

This can become a problem in theory when there’s a potential cross connection. A cross connection is where there’s a direct connection between potable water distribution piping to pollution and or contaminates. Cross connections could be as simple as a garden hoses left in a bucket of water used for cleaning a car. Or a hose left in a pool.


PR Plumbing is trained to find and eliminate risk of cross connections to help keep your families drinking water clean and where necessary install a back flow device.

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