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Water Piping Repair and Installation

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Do you need help with water piping repair and installation?

Whether you’re on a well-system or have city water. PR Plumbing can install, repair and maintain the system, to prevent issues from occurring in the water distribution system throughout your home or office. PR Plumbing is competent with all methods of piping materials and various installation methods. As well as, potable water distribution systems and drainage systems in all the various households and industries.

Piping systems are always under stress and virtually never take a break. Regardless if it’s commercial, residential or industrial piping systems they are all in constant need of repair. It’s important to maintain and repair proactively before an issue occurs and it becomes more costly than it would have been otherwise. PR Plumbing works around the clock to avoid clients having any noticeable downtime. We are quick to inspect and repair deficiencies for our clients. Our clients enjoy piece of mind knowing the job is being done properly.

While on site we will preform a free piping inspection of visible piping for clients. Countless times we have found serious damage where general Contractors and restoration specialist were not made aware, we look after every project and make sure that we are leaving no chance for future issues.

Water hammer

What is water hammer? Water hammer sounds like knocking or a loud banging, at times it can be very subtle but damaging to the plumbing system in your home or office. The water supply pipes feeding the fixtures and appliances aren’t secured properly and are banging around as high pressures flow through and suddenly stop. If you hear this you should have it looked at by a plumber. Often times you’ll need to have your pressure adjusted and an expansion tank installed on the main line to allow for fluctuations in pressure. 


If your water supply system looks green, white, red or any combination of the three it’s likely very damaged. Save yourself the hassle and preemptively have it replaced. This can be due to many factors like water turbulence; stagnation, or excessive use of flux upon the original installation of the copper pipe. Electrolysis is also a major cause for concern. If you suspect any of the above you should book an appointment with us to determine the issue so we can get it repaired if necessary.


Electrolysis is caused as a direct result of bonding to the plumbing system? Electrical wires are grounded to the well casing or water service. Electricity travels through the plumbing on its way to being grounded. Electrolysis occurs when two dissimilar metals that make up a home’s plumbing system are made to conduct this electricity.

For example, if one metal (copper) is more conductive than the other (galvanized steel), the electricity will jump to the copper piping more readily, easily traveling through the highly conductive water. Upon leaving or entering these pipes, the electricity causes random, inconsistent arching, spitting, scaling and spotting as it makes contact with the walls of the pipe.

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