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If You Need a Backflow Device Installation, We've Got You Covered

When we think of safety devices that protect residential properties, it’s only natural to imagine fire sprinkler systems and alarms. However, backflow prevention devices are also important for keeping your home safe.

At PR Plumbing, our experts help homeowners across the Durham Region stay safe with professional backflow prevention system installations. If your home needs a new backflow assembly mechanism installed, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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The Benefits of a Mainline Backflow Preventer Installation

Protecting Your Water

Installing a mainline backflow preventer will help you maintain the purity of your water supply by preventing contaminated water from flowing backward into your main water supply. This backflow prevention device acts as a barrier against any potential pollutants that could invade your home’s plumbing through common connections like garden hoses or irrigation systems. 

With water flowing in one direction — toward your faucets — the risk of ingesting harmful substances is reduced. As such, the presence of a backflow preventer protects your health by ensuring the cleanliness of the water you rely on daily.

Safeguarding Your Pipes

A backflow preventer installation not only protects your water quality but also shields your pipes from damage. Sudden changes in water pressure — often caused by backflow — can strain plumbing systems and increase the likelihood of leaks and costly repairs. By maintaining consistent pressure and preventing the reverse flow of water, a backflow preventer helps extend the lifespan of your plumbing infrastructure.

Preventing Emergencies

The inclusion of a backflow prevention assembly in your plumbing system acts as a critical safeguard against emergencies that can arise from backflow incidents. This assembly, often equipped with a relief valve, actively prevents the backflow of water from external sources — such as public water lines — into your property’s plumbing. This device drastically lowers the risk of flooding and water damage, which can lead to emergencies that demand immediate and expensive repairs.

Legal Compliance

Installing a backflow preventer is not only a practical measure but also a legal requirement in many areas to comply with health and safety regulations. Numerous municipalities mandate these devices to protect the public water systems from contamination due to backflow. In particular, commercial properties must adhere to strict guidelines that include annual testing and certified installation to ensure these devices function properly.

When You Need a New Plumbing Backflow Preventer, Leave the Installation to the Experts

While some home improvement projects can be performed by the average homeowner, the installation of backflow preventer technology is best left to professionals. This task requires specialized knowledge of plumbing systems, access to the right tools, and an understanding of local building codes and permits.

Our professional plumbers will ensure that your new backflow prevention device is installed correctly, within property lines, and housed in protective above-ground enclosures to withstand extremely cold temperatures and other environmental factors. Reaching out to us for a professional installation is vital for effective operation and compliance with local regulations.

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