The kitchen is often the central part of the home. From the sink’s faucet to the drain and the dishwasher, there are several complex components. When any of these stop working correctly, you need to address it immediately to prevent bigger kitchen plumbing problems. 

Here are 6 of the most common issues you may run into.

1- Clogged and Slow Drains

Limiting  the quantity of food fragments and solid materials that enter your sink is the greatest method to keep things operating smoothly. This can be achieved by employing a drain basket or food catch and routinely emptying it.

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2- Dishwasher Issues

There are 3 potential offenders to look into.Checking your filter should be your first step if your dishwasher won’t drain. Check your drain hose if the dishwasher drain is still not functioning properly. The drain pump is your last stop.

Kitchen Plumbing Problems

3- Leaky Faucets

A worn-out washer is a common reason for a leaking faucet. The link between the spout and the faucet in the compression unit, the valve seat, may also be rusted. If the base of the faucet is dripping, the O-ring seal is probably worn out.

Kitchen Plumbing Problems

4- Low Water Pressure

A blocked aerator is more likely to blame here. Calcium and other minerals are dissolved in water and can accumulate in the aerator. Simply remove the aerator, clean any debris with vinegar, then reinstall it.

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5- Leaking Pipes Under the Sink

A leaking pipe under the sink may occasionally be discovered rather early, requiring only a little repair. In other instances, the leak may have persisted long enough to cause structural harm and mold development.

Kitchen Plumbing Problems

6- A DIY Job Gone Wrong

DIY is a wonderful way to save money. This is only true if you do it correctly, which is challenging without the proper training. Call us right away if you’ve botched up a DIY project to avoid extensive water damage!

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Despite your best efforts, general wear and tear will still happen. Always leave repairs and replacements to qualified, certified plumbers. All of your kitchen plumbing issues can be resolved right now by calling PR Plumbing at (905) 429-9622

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