The majority of homeowners are attentive when there are problems with their indoor plumbing. No one wants clogged sinks and toilets because it is uncomfortable and the smell associated with it is often unpleasant. Despite being frequently disregarded or ignored, outdoor plumbing issues are just as critical because what happens outside might enter your home.

Here are 6 typical problems with outdoor plumbing that you should be aware of.

1- Sewer Blockage 

Sewer pipes link home waste and plumbing systems. Clogs can disrupt plumbing, causing water backups in drains, toilets, or sinks, posing significant concerns for homeowners.

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2- Leaky Exterior Faucets

A broken exterior faucet can leak water, causing ground saturation and potential basement flooding. Quickly locate the inner shut-off valve to address the issue temporarily. You should still make plans to repair the faucet.

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3- Pipes & Pipeline

Check plumbing vent pipes for obstructions like bird nests. Regularly inspect outdoor pipes for corrosion or damage; replace faulty ones. Avoid placing heavy objects on pipes to protect water lines.

Outdoor Plumbing Problems

4- Plumbing Issues in the Pool Area

Swimming pools pose frequent issues for homeowners, often tied to plumbing systems. Problems like filter flow, pressure, dirt, or leaks require regular maintenance and repairs.

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5- Roots

Tree roots can damage plumbing pipes near your house, leading to leaks and cracks. Their aggressive growth can cause significant problems, compromising the integrity of the pipes and joints.

Outdoor Plumbing Problems

6- Gutters

Blocked gutters prevent rainwater drainage, leading to roof overflow, soil erosion, and foundation damage. Regular cleaning, especially in uncovered systems, every six months, is crucial to prevent these issues.

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Many home improvement tasks can be completed by homeowners themselves, but it’s recommended to hire a professional plumber for outdoor plumbing work.  Water is a valuable resource, but by hiring a professional for outdoor plumbing problems, you can conserve natural resources as well as money over time. Call PR Plumbing on (905)-429-9622 to get your outdoor plumbing evaluated if you notice any of these things happening.

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