Faucets withstand daily usage and often face considerable wear and tear. With multiple instances of turning them on and off throughout the day, this frequency can further multiply if you have roommates or a large family sharing your home. Additionally, faucets endure exposure to harsh minerals, chemicals present in water, sudden temperature fluctuations, and occasional mistreatment. This can lead to tap problems like leaks or even complete functionality failure. 

However, the good news is that the majority of common faucet issues can be easily resolved if you’re aware of the signs to watch out for and know how to address them effectively. 

Here are 6 common tap issues and how to fix them.

1- Constant Dripping

A leaky tap wastes water and money. The main cause is a worn-out or loose washer in separate taps. Silicone washers can harden and corrode. For mixer taps, the cartridge may be the issue, but replacements are affordable.

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2- Loud Noises

Hissing, screeching, high-pitched whistling, or chatter? It’s usually due to a loose washer. If tightening or replacing it doesn’t fix the issue, it might be a pipe problem. Call us for further investigation.

Tap Problems

3- Low Water Pressure 

The aerators of kitchen faucets clog often. Clogged faucet aerators can be cleaned or replaced easily. Reduced water flow and a metallic taste in older houses may indicate corroded galvanized pipes, which should be repaired or replaced.

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4- Spraying and Spitting

If your kitchen faucet sprays or spits water instead of flowing smoothly, it could be a clogged aerator with limescale. It could also indicate water pressure or trapped air issues. To avoid worsening the problem, contact a qualified plumber for assistance.

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5- Tap Handle is Hard to Turn

Sticky faucet handles? Mineral deposits or debris can affect the cartridge seal. Try WD40 or silicone-based lubricant. Avoid petroleum-based ones. If unsure, call us to avoid mishaps with handle replacement or disassembly.

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6- No Water is Coming Out

No water flow from the kitchen faucet? Faulty valves inside the tap may be to blame. Older taps may require replacement. Newer models ensure continuous flow. For persistent issues or plumbing problems, seek professional help.

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