Now that fall has arrived, it’s the best time to prepare your plumbing system for winter. Make sure your pipes, faucets, and gutters are in good working order as the temperatures fall and the leaves continue to change color.The ideal time to get your plumbing system ready for the chilly winter is now. You can take a lot of preventative measures to avoid a plumbing disaster. Here are our top 6 plumbing maintenance suggestions for the upcoming season.

Clear Your Gutters and Drains

Your gutters and drainpipes may have major issues as a result of falling leaves. Their responsibility is to stop disasters from happening to the home’s roof and foundation. Maintaining them will prevent obstructions and potential structural damage.

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2- Inspect Your Hot Water Heater

Before the chilly weather arrives, have your hot water heater inspected because they work extra hard during the winter. Making sure the water heater is in excellent working order is better than experiencing issues in the middle of the cold season.

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3- Disconnect Your Hoses

Garden hoses are simple to neglect to store in the hopes of a final burst of warm weather. To prevent the possibility of freezing, bursting, and flooding, make sure all garden hoses are disconnected.

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4- Insulate Exposed Pipes

There may be exposed pipes in your laundry room, basement, or garage that require attention. This may cause burst water pipes and flooding. Insulate the exposed pipes early to prevent a crisis.

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5- Service Your Sump Pump

When it rains, the sump pump in your home keeps your basement from flooding. Check your sump pump to make sure the discharge line is clean and clear of obstructions.

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6- Schedule a Professional Plumbing Maintenance

When disaster hits, maintenance visits are typically considerably quicker and less expensive than emergency calls or complete rebuilds. You can rely on reliable customer service, useful hints and advice, and the dependability of our licensed experts.

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