Occasionally, as a homeowner, you deal with clogged drains. You may underestimate the severity of the problem. Our professionals at PR Plumbing can help if you have a clogged drain that cannot be cleared with water. Here are 6 signs that you may need to call us today for an emergency drain cleaning.

1- Frozen Pipes

When temperatures drop below freezing point, it is inevitable that the water in the pipes freezes and the pipes themselves. Frozen pipes have the potential of causing serious problems when it comes to drainage.

Frozen Pipes

2- Gurgling Sounds

Hold your ear to the sink drain after you turn off the water. Does it make any unusual sounds? Turn on the faucet while keeping an eye on the toilet. Is the water bubbling? Don’t ignore these signs.

Emergency Drain Cleaning

3- Slow Drains

There are a variety of causes for a slow flowing drain, often it is objects or substances that clog it up. Foreign objects can often cause blockages that accumulate over time and slow drainage.

plumbing inspection

4- Unexplained Smells

Standing water from a clog can cause mould and debris to rot in your pipes. This causes a distinct musty odour. Unexplained odours near a sewer or drain can often indicate a clog.

Emergency Drain Cleaning

5- Recurring or Multiple Clogs

Repeatedly clearing drain blockages is more than an inconvenience. It means that the cause has not yet been removed. This is a sign that residues and deposits are accumulating inside the pipes.

plumbing inspection

6- Pests

A sudden increase in fruit flies means they are attracted to food waste that is clogging your drains. Hire a drain cleaning service to get rid of fruit flies and the food waste they are attracted to, once and for all.

hot water
Don’t try dealing with clogged drains on your own. Chemicals poured down the drain are often ineffective and can be dangerous. Rather call our licensed master plumbers on (905)-429-9622 to see how we can assist you with emergency drain cleaning.

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