Homeowners need to get their residences ready for the unique challenges that come with cold winter winds. Your plumbing system is vulnerable to freezing temperatures. One of main concerns during this season is how to prevent frozen pipes.

Prevention is key. Here are 6 practical methods for shielding your pipes from the harsh winter weather.

1- Cover Your Crawl Spaces

Make a temporary cover out of foam for your crawl spaces to keep the chilly winds away. You can prevent the cold air from reaching your pipes by sealing up these spaces.

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2- Disconnect Your Garden Hoses

After seasonal maintenance, disconnect and store garden hoses. Open outside faucets and close shut-off valves to prevent pipe damage.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

3- Insulate Exposed Pipes

Insulate pipes along outer walls or in cold areas like garages. Without proper insulation, pipes may succumb to freezing temperatures. Consider wrapping them in insulation materials or heating wire.

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4- Open Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Prevent cracked pipes by keeping your bathroom and kitchen sink cabinets open. This allows warmer air to circulate in areas that face the coldest temperatures.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

5- Let Taps Drip

In freezing temperatures let a trickle of water flow from faucets. This is not a permanent solution, but the continuous flow prevents freezing and keeps uninsulated pipes from freezing.

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6- Seal Any Air Leaks

Seal the gaps and cracks in your walls to keep the cold air out. Also, close the garage door when you are not using it, as any open garage doors create massive air leaks.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

When do you need to call for backup? If you are struggling with frozen pipes and those pipes are behind a wall or the ceiling, are fractured or leaking, or you’re unable to thaw the pipes, you should contact a plumber. 

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