As you get ready for your morning shower, your plumbing is probably the last thing on your mind. Showers are a time to relax, cleanse the body, and get ready for the day – not worry about home maintenance. Unfortunately, several bad habits can cause damage to your plumbing without you even realizing it. Here are 7 bad shower habits you should try to avoid if you care about your bathroom plumbing.

1- Not Cleaning The Shower Often Enough 

Due to the fact that they are used to clean you, showers are notorious for getting dirty. Dirt and grime must go somewhere, and a shower setting can accumulate quite a bit. The grime and gunk from a clogged shower can get into the plumbing system and cause problems. Keeping your bathroom clean will prevent plumbing issues.

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2- Rinsing Hair Down the Drain

Hair-related drain clogs are nothing new. Your drain may run slowly due to hair, and ultimately it may block the drain completely. Additionally, hair clogs can put pressure on pipes and even cause them to burst. You might want to use a drain cover or some other kind of drain stop, so that you can easily collect the hair and toss it in the trash.

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3- Leaving Puddles on the Floor 

Do you get a lot of water on the floor after you shower? It’s not a good idea to leave water on your bathroom floor. Water damages the flooring and promotes mould growth. You might also want to investigate why water pools in your shower if it isn’t draining well. Put a mat under your sinks and outside of your shower to make your life easier.

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4- Hanging Things From the Showerhead 

A showerhead might seem like a convenient place to hang a rack for all your shower products, but too much weight can cause serious damage. Eventually, the fixture will pull away from the wall, causing leaks and damage to the showerhead and pipes. As well, loofahs that are left hanging in the shower breed bacteria.

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5- Not Removing Calcium Deposits 

It is not uncommon for hard water to contain minerals that can clog your showerhead. As hard water dries, minerals are left behind. If these deposits remain, the nozzle of the showerhead will become blocked and water flow will be reduced. You can use white vinegar to remove calcium deposits from your shower head, improving its appearance and functionality within minutes.

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6- Using Harsh Shampoos And Body Wash 

Many shampoos and body washes on the market contain harsh chemicals to remove dirt from the skin. Over time, these harsh chemicals are not only bad for your skin, but can also damage your plumbing over time. Ultimately, they could cause leaks in the jointing compound. Natural washes are much better for you and your plumbing system.

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7- Taking Long, Hot Showers 

Showers that are long and hot create the ideal environment for the growth of mould in your bathroom and shower. Make sure that the shower area is properly ventilated and that the heat isn’t turned up too high to prevent this problem. Moderate temperature showers can also increase the life of your hot water heater by a few years. Shorter showers can reduce your water bill and save you money on your water bill.

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