Plumbing is one of the most expensive parts of being a homeowner. You may be using internet hacks or the advice of friends and family to save a quick dollar. But, “conventional wisdom” is not backed by any expertise. Misinformation may mean you are putting your system at risk for a host of complicated issues. Here we dispel and explain some of the most common plumbing myths to potentially save you money and many headaches.

1- A Leaking Tap is Not a Real Problem

This may seem like such an inconsequential problem that it often fades into the background. However, one dripping faucet can cause up to 3 litres of water wastage per week. It’s a simple fix that can save you up to 10% on your water bill.

Common Plumbing Myths about taps

2- Putting Lemons Down the Drain Will Freshen It

Obviously, the overwhelming smell of lemons will temporarily block out bad odours and create a fresh aroma. However, citric acid is corrosive and will cause rust, cracks and leaks in your pipes. Rather have the bad smell you’re trying to conceal checked by a professional.

Common Plumbing Myths about drains

3- Chemical Cleaning Tablets Are Time-Savers

These products contain bleach and leaving it in for longer than 10 minutes will degrade all the working parts of your toilet. While they help you clean with minimal effort now, prolonged exposure can cause expensive repairs in the long run.

Common Plumbing Myths about toilets

4- The Toilet Bowl Is a Magic All-Flushing Bowl

Flushing recklessly can not only clog your toilet, but your entire bathroom plumbing system. Feminine hygiene products, paper towels and make-up don’t belong in the toilet. Even products labeled as “flushable” don’t break down in water nearly as well as they claim and may still cause a clog.

Common Plumbing Myths about toilets

5- Adding Boiling Water to Grease Helps It Go Down the Drain

Grease does not belong in your drain. It does the same thing to your plumbing system as it does to your arteries. It clogs it by coating it in a layer of fat. Boiling water will not solve anything whether it goes down the sink or the toilet. Just because you can’t see it anymore, doesn’t mean it’s gone.

Common Plumbing Myths about grease

6- Most Plumbing Fixes Are DIY

Thinking that there is nothing to it, is a good way to turn a small problem into a monumental one. You are giving plumbers more work, not less. One or two Youtube videos does not make you the kind of expert that knows the full range of possible problems, tools, materials and safety concerns you need to consider.

Common Plumbing Myths about diy

6- Any Plumber Will Do

Plumbers can opt to continue their education, earn qualifications and stay on top of the latest trends. Choose your plumber carefully by using Google, looking for reviews, and doing the research to make sure your plumber is qualified and experienced.

Common Plumbing Myths about plumbers

Regular plumbing services and maintenance will keep you from serious problems in future. Stay away from the potentially costly mistakes caused by these ignorant plumbing myths.

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