Throwing things down the drain or mindlessly flushing them might seem convenient, but it can result in a drain clog and potential long-lasting plumbing problems. Although using a drain cleaner tool could offer a temporary solution, more significant problems will require hiring a plumber and incurring expenses.

To prevent future clogs and expensive plumbing bills, it’s crucial to not dispose of these 7 items down the drain, regardless of the circumstances.

1- Rice or Pasta

Pasta and rice thrown down the drain expand due to water absorption, causing pipe blockages. The swelling is caused by semolina in pasta and the sticky nature of rice poses a risk to your pipes.

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2- Grease, Fats or Oils

To avoid clogged pipes and costly issues, store used grease in a container until it solidifies, then dispose of it in the trash. Otherwise, it can harden in the pipes and lead to severe blockages.

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3- Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can accumulate in pipes, causing blockages. Even a small daily amount can lead to issues. However, coffee grounds have alternative uses around the house and can be added to compost piles.

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4- Flushable Wipes

While some wet wipes claim to be “flushable,” they may not break down easily, especially in older plumbing systems. To be safe, dispose of them in the regular trash instead.

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5- Eggshells

Eggshells, when flushed down the drain, break into tiny pieces that mix with grease, fat, and oil, leading to clogged pipes. Dispose of them in the trash to prevent this issue.

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6- Produce Stickers

Produce stickers can fall down the sink while washing fruits and vegetables. Made of non-biodegradable plastic, they can accumulate with other waste and cause drain clogs. Remove stickers or use a sink strainer.

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7- Flour

Mixing flour and water creates a glue-like substance. If you dispose of flour down the drain, it will clog and potentially jam your garbage disposal.

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The better you treat your plumbing, the nicer it will be to you. Be careful with the items you expect your drains to handle. 

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