Noisy water pipes are a common occurrence, especially in older homes. Many noises and causes exist, but a few are worth being aware of. What are your pipes trying to tell you? Banging, squealing, gurgling and rattling can be disconcerting. Fortunately, noisy water pipes are often not a cause for concern. Just take the advice of an expert plumber and follow this guide to silence those irritating, noisy water pipes.

What’s That Sound?

1- Banging

This comes from a problem with water pressure or flow. The most common result is water hammer. You can learn more about what water hammer is and how we can fix it on our Water Piping Repair and Installation page.

noisy water pipes

2- Rattling

Sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one. Rattling could mean that your water pipes aren’t fitted correctly. If you can reach the pipework you can re-establish proper fitting by tightening bolts or replacing worn-out fixtures. However, if this does not solve the issue or you can’t reach it, we recommend seeking our professional help, so the problem doesn’t get worse.


3- Humming

If the water pressure gets too high for the plumbing system’s capacity, you might hear a hum when the water is running. Do a quick check. You want to set the pressure to no more than 80psi (551kPa). In homes where the pressure exceeds 60psi (413kPa), Canadian plumbing code requires that a pressure regulating valve (PVR) be installed. Call us to assist you, because high water pressure can lead to the premature deterioration of piping systems, water heater and faucets.

noisy water pipes

4- Gurgling/Glugging

This noise indicates the presence of an obstruction in the pipes. The reason may be the build-up of debris, dirt or scum. We can unclog any drain with our industry-leading drain and sewer equipment. If there is an underlying issue with the plumbing itself, we provide you with an no obligation, cost-effective quote to repair.


5- Squealing/Whistling

Your plumbing system relies on many small components to make faucets and valves work properly. Hardware such as washers, nuts and bolts may become loose or worn out over time. Replacing these components should be easy with proper precautions, but if you are not confident, call us.

Common Plumbing Myths about grease
These are just some of the most common issues. Get in touch with us today so that you can stop living with these nuisance sounds. There might be situations that are too complicated for you to handle or troubleshoot. You can always call the best plumbers near you on (905)-429-9622 to have peace restored to your house.

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