Are you struggling with a smelly kitchen sink? Plumbing problems that make your house smell bad are the worst! You might not know why your sink smells so bad or how to get rid of it if it’s ruining your home. You may also be worried that the smell will lead to a costly plumbing bill.

The kitchen is believed to have more bacteria and germs than the bathroom. Cleaning the kitchen every day is important because it gets really messy and dirty really quickly. Sometimes, however, despite using all the possible disinfectants and cleaning chemicals, the kitchen still smells odd. Sink problems usually account for this. Even if the kitchen is spotless, if the sink problem hasn’t been resolved, it will smell bad. Some reasons why you might have an offensive-smelling sink are listed below.

1- There Is an Accumulation of Bacteria

On a daily basis, drains are pretty busy. Food particles, soap, and other substances are washed down the drain. These elements eventually clog and attract bacteria, which releases an odor. Despite no clogging, all that gunk can still accumulate and cause bacteria to grow in your sink drain, resulting in a foul smell.

frozen water pipes

2- Your P-Trap Is Dry 

It is the curved drain pipe under your sink that captures water and acts as a buffer to prevent toxic sewage gases from entering your house. This is likely a result of your P-trap getting dried out after a few weeks of use, causing the water in it to evaporate.

smelly kitchen sink

3- The Drain is Greasy 

Grease and oil are poured into drains all the time, which accounts for the majority of smelly sinks. Oil and grease coagulate in the drainage pipe and slowly decompose. Rotten smells seep into your kitchen as a result. 

kitchen sink stink

4- Your Vent is Clogged

If your sink smells like sewer gas and you can’t blame a greasy drain or trap, you might have a clogged vent letting sewer gas into your home. When sewer gas cannot flow through clogged vents, it is retained in your home, leaving an unpleasant smell.

smelly kitchen sink

5- It May Be Mold and Mildew

The sink can sometimes be blamed for the smell of a leak that was overlooked. Your pipes may leak water, soaking wood and other materials around them, which may result in a moldy smell. You should look for leaks as soon as you notice a bad smell in your sink area.

smelly kitchen sink

What can you do about your smelly kitchen sink?

If you’re really lucky, all your smelly kitchen sink needs is a good wash. Hot water and dish soap may do the job if the odor is mild or your sink is new. 

However, if the smell does not dissipate or it returns, you have a more urgent plumbing problem. Our licencsed and experienced team can help. Call PR Plumbing on (905)-429-9622 today.

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