Are you trying to figure out the reason your toilet won’t flush? It can be difficult when you don’t know what to look for. While it’s annoying when your toilet won’t flush, it’s usually a simple fix with some basic tools.  

Below we have compiled 6 possible causes of a non-flushing toilet.

1- The Toilet Is Clogged

If you flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet or use too much toilet paper, the pipes can clog and you won’t be able to flush anymore. These types of clogs are frequently caused by sanitary products.

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2- The Water Level Is Too Low

If the toilet tank isn’t filled with enough water, it won’t flush as the bowl will not be refilled. You should be able to see about an inch of water from the top of the overflow tube in the back of the tank.

Toilet Won't Flush

3- The Chain Is Broken

In order to flush, you move the handle, which pulls the chain, which lifts the flapper. It is the flapper’s movement that signals the toilet to drain. As soon as the flapper closes, the bowl fills back up with water again. The flapper cannot be raised if the chain breaks.

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4- The Flapper Is Damaged

The flapper allows water into the tank to flush everything down the drain. When your flapper is warped, bent, or otherwise damaged, your toilet will never stop “filling”. Luckily, flappers are fairly easy and inexpensive to replace.

Toilet Won't Flush

5- There Is a Drain Line Issue

Occasionally, your toilet might not flush even if all the parts are in good working order. Your drain line could be the source of the problem. Your house’s sewage is taken out through these pipes. The problem will be evident in all your toilets and drains around your house if it’s a drain line issue.

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6- There’s a Problem With the Handle

If you aren’t hearing or seeing any water move when you press the handle, it just means your toilet handle is disconnected. When you press the handle, the toilet flapper raises, and water is dumped into the bowl. Many things can disconnect the handle from the flapper. Fixing it is as basic as reconnecting a couple of basic parts.

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It’s usually only a minor plumbing problem when your toilet won’t flush. However, if you can’t fix it on your own, it’s time to call the professionals.

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